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About Us

Who we are
We set down our roots over a decade ago after our Directors, Paul and Jan Herbert, identified a real need to provide expert public relations and marketing expertise to local organisations.

From there we have grown. Our clients now span many industries, from education and agriculture to tourism and estate management.

Our experience
Our staff hail from backgrounds across print and broadcast journalism, website design and marketing strategy planning, so we understand how important it is for you to plan and communicate clearly and professionally.

Additional experts
We call in additional contractors if your job requires it. All are experts in their field. By drawing on this pool of resources, we can tailor each project according to budget and requirement, providing you with the very best value and outcome.

Meet the Team

Paul Herbert

Paul Herbert: Director
Expertise: PR, Marketing, Member of the Society of Education Consultants

Jan Herbert

Jan Herbert: Director
Expertise: Client Liaison, Public Relations, Copywriting

Roy Cotton

Roy Cotton: Account Executive
Expertise: Web Content, Project Support, Print Liaison

Nikki Owen

Nikki Owen: Account Manager
Expertise: Marketing & brand planning, Copywriting, CIM member

Judy Pawlowski

Judy Pawlowski: Financial Controller
Expertise: Financial Management, Accounts Support & Liaison

Sam Sutton

Sam Sutton: Web Development
Expertise: Website Development, HTML Coding, CMS Systems